12 October Celebrations + a Birthday!

Happy Halloween!

In The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations, you’ll find October poems about:
International Dinosaur Month
National Roller Skating Month
International Music Day
National Fire Prevention Week
World Egg Day
National Dessert Day
Global Hand Washing Day
World Bread Day
Dictionary Day
National Pasta Day
and a Birthday!

October Highlights

International Dinosaur Month

Celebrate International Dinosaur Month with “Dinosaur Dinners” by Avis Harley, where she talks about dinosaur poop—and follow it with a picture book on the same topic, Jurassic Poop: What Dinosaurs (and Others) Left Behind by Jacob Berkowitz.

International Dinosaur Month





Global Hand Washing Day

Celebrate Global Hand Washing Day with a short hand-washing poem video of “Bubbles” by Jacqueline Jules (sung by the poet herself). Show how two poets approach the same subject in different ways with “Global Hand Washing Day” by Susan Blackaby.
Global Hand Washing Day is October 15

Dictionary Day

Celebrate Dictionary Day on October 16 with “Dictionary Day” by Susan Marie Swanson (this is a longer version of the poem than what you’ll find in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations).

Celebrate Dictionary Day!

October/November Featured Poem


Celebrate Diwali/Deepavali with “Deepavali Sounds” by Uma Krishnaswami! 

November 7, 2018; October 27, 2019

KrishnaswamiDeepavaliPFACz 300dpi